"Intricate and finely drilled...funny and exhilarating."

- The Shimmy Skinny, Edinburgh

Shifting Wires | 2016

According to today's research in brain analysis, we initially resist change, no matter what, in our own way.  However, once we have a resolution or an epiphany with that change, our brain gives us a physical and emotional reward and we feel the need to then repeat and repeat so that we can feel the same sensation again.

Approx: 12 minutes
Music | PJ Roduta
Number of Dancers: 4

GUT | 2014

A trio of dancers represent three energies within one mind, each with multi-layered influences even within themselves.  

Approx. 10 minutes
Music | Brad Meehan
Costumes | Shay Bares
Number of Dancers: 3

This work was made possible by DANCENOW Silo. 

WannaBe | 2014

The solo explores Taylor's personal struggle with gender persona and identity, not in the issues of power struggle but mainly in the issue of presentation of oneself and personality.  Inspired by Golden Age Hollywood and MGM classic films.

Approx. 6 minutes
Music | Ximena Borges
Costumes | Laura Nitz
Number of Dancers: 1

This work was made possible in part by the Artward Bound Residency.

Our Masks | 2013

This piece plays with our instincts of social survival in different settings - large groups, romance, friendships, relationships with oneself - and how we adopt many different personalities for each.  Whether we choose to hide behind our masks as a safe haven or rip them away to become a more raw form of ourselves is a different choice for each person to make.

Approx. 15 minutes
Music | Nils Frahm/Hilary Hahn and Hauschka
Costumes | Laura Nitz
Number of Dancers | 6

Avoiding Perfection | 2012

Delving into the DAMAGEDANCE mission even further by confronting our insecurities towards the most common source - our bodies.

Approx. 9 minutes
Music | Elliot Roth
Costumes | Laura Nitz and Aurea Sanabria
Number of Dancers: 6


In Your Hands | 2012

Three humans offer constant support in this exploration of a three way relationship moving as one.

5 Minutes, 55 Seconds
Music | The Bulgarian Voices Angelite with Huun-Huur-Tu & Moscow Art Trio
Costumes | Made possible by Grishko
3 dancers

Glimpses | 2011

Glimpses explores different psychological disorders, however mild or severe, and how widespread their effect can be through tastes of different scenarios.

28 minutes (6 excerpts)
Music | Rodrigo y Gabriela, John Adams, Camille, Billie Holiday, Bobby McFerrin and Tool (performed by Vitamin Quartet)
Costumes | Aurea Sanabria
6 dancers

Finding Flight | 2011

Finding Flight is the transition from shelter to independence.  The first experience of being out on one's own goes from safety, comfort and care to a jumble of excitement, fear, drive and constant need of encouragement.  There is always something being thrown at us in life, and we are always searching for our feet...why not look up?

7 Minutes, 11 Seconds
Music | Don Ross and Andy McKee
Costumes | Laura Nitz and
Aurea Sanabria
6 dancers

Momentum | 2010

Momentum, a lively athletic solo, plays with push and pull, stop and go, force and ease, all with natural reaction.

4 Minutes
Music | Dane Markle-Klapp (live accompaniment available)
Costumes | Jessica Taylor
1 dancer