Jessica Taylor's choreography is "reminiscent of Picasso's monumental
dancers from his 'classical' period......emotion-filled duets and routines filled
with vigour and strength......Terrific stuff from this young company.
If the chance comes to see more from them, take it."

- Mark Harding, The Shimmy Skinny, Edinburgh


SHELLY CLEMENTS | Director Youth Programs/SPEC Artistic Director


Shelly Chapple Clements is from rural Western Pennsylvania and received a scholarship to Pittsburgh Ballet Theater at the age of 9.  During the summers she trained at Eglevsky Ballet and The American Dance Machine in New York.   By the time she was 14, she was living in Champagne­Urbana, IL at the National Academy of Arts directed by The Royal Ballet’s Petrus Bosman. At 16 she moved back to Pittsburgh to attend the renowned and exemplary Pittsburgh High School for Creative and Performing Arts where she was one of 32 members of the 2nd graduating class.  After graduating salutatorian from CAPA, Ms. Clements moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and began her professional career as a performer and master instructor.  She taught in such notable schools as Contra Costa Ballet, Shan Yee Poon Ballet, Rhythm and Motion, and San Francisco Dance Center, now Alonzo King LINES Dance Center.  Ms. Clements trained at ODC San Francisco with Brenda Way and Lines Contemporary Ballet with Alonzo King and Arturo Fernandez and performed with ODC, Capacitor, Joan Lazarus, Patricia Jiron, and more.  Since 1990, Ms. Clements has been an integral part of John Butterfield’s New Urban Dance Company as a featured dancer, choreographer, ballet mistress, and assistant director.  She is a graduate and was an adjunct dance faculty member of Colorado Mesa University holding Bachelor degrees in Hispanic Literature, Interpretation and Translation, and Dance/Theater. Ms. Clements has become a renowned dance instructor across the Front Rangeand the Western slope of Colorado since she relocated in 2001.  She is, as well, a Spanish teacher for Jefferson County and Adams 12 Five Star school districts.


Jessica was born and raised in Ft. Morgan, CO. She was first introduced to dance in high school where she found her love for the arts. Finding her way out of Ft. Morgan she attended Colordo Mesa University to pursue her career as a dancer, and has thus recentley recieved her BFA in Dance. Jessica is excited to join and intern with such a fantastic group of people such as DAMAGEDANCE. 


Originally from Grand Junction, CO, Elvie began dancing at age 8 and has studied a variety of styles including ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. In her spare time she loves playing in the great outdoors with her dog, reading, writing, and painting. She is excited for this opportunity to work with DAMAGEDANCE and help build support for the arts in Denver.


MATTHEW POLIS | Resident Photographer/Sound Designer
XIMENA BORGES | Composer/Musician/Videographer
NICOLE COREA | Ballet Mistress/Rehearsal Director
BRAD MEEHAN | Composer/Musician
DANE MARKLE-KLAPP | Composer/Musician
ELLIOT ROTH | Composer/Musician

PJ RODUTA | Composer/Musician